General Rules for buying

Rules for buying! Please read before buying!! 

Order form: 
<b>Name: </b>
<b>Location: </b>
<b>Form of Payment:</b>

Order Form:
Username: koyama_sales
Form of Payment: Paypal
Location: Texas
Item(s): Myojo February 2007

Paypal/Credit Card Service

Can't buy things online because you need a credit card? Need to pay someone using PayPal?
I'll help you.

Use this order form if you want to use this service.

<b>Site/Person to send money to:</b>
<b>Form of Payment:</b> (Money Order/Concealed Cash)
<b>Link to items</b>

Username: koyama_sales
Location: Texas
Site/Person to send money to:
Form of Payment: Concealed Cash
Link to Items: Lee Minwoo Concert 2006-2007

Notes to follow:
- YOU will be sending the money to me before I order your items
- I can order from any sites that ship to the US
- There will only be a $1 service charge
- I will be sending the stuff to your house, unless you want it sent to mine, so I can send it towards yours
- If you choose to have the latter option of the note above, you will be paying for the shipping from my place to yours.
- I can order from Ebay too.


Terms + Conditions
1. I will only have US & Canadian buyers for this Preorder. (I may do oversea orders if you're willing to bear the shipping costs)
2. I will only accept Concealed Cash (USD only), Money Order (USD only), or Paypal as Payment.
3. I am not responsible for lost payments/damaged goods.
4. I have every right to change the cost of the items in all (of course in reasonable numbers)
5. Use the order form! It's the only way I can keep track of things.
6. This is a preorder, so you will send in the money before I pay for the items.
7. I can only order from US Yesasia

Service Fee:
+$1 to every item you buy. 

<font size="3"><b>Order Form</b></font>
<b>Location:</b> (City, State or Province)
<b>Form of Payment</b>
<b>Items:</b> Link | Quantity | Color (if applicable) | Size (if applicable)
<b>Total:</b> (In USD)

Order Form
Name: Cynthia
Username: koyama_sales 
Location: ??, Texas
Form of Payment Concealed Cash
Items: All About DBSK II | 2
Total: $55.99

If I get orders over $25 in certain orders then I get free shipping, that means it'll cost less for you~

CCT Preorder Status, List of Items, and Questions

CCT-Fashion Preorder Status
10.01.2007 Preorder Starts
10.15.2007 Preorder Ends
10.15.2007 Awaiting Money from buyers.
10.25.2007 All money received from buyers
11.03.2007 All Items ordered
11.09.2007 Out of stock items informed.
11.15.2007 Items Arrived, packing

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Comment here if you see any mistakes or if you have any questions regarding the preorder